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Tired of Fabricators Who Make YOU Look Like a Hack? End the Excuses, End the Embarrassment – Discover the Boro Park Difference: Where Every Relationship, Delivery, and Detail Counts.

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Boro Park: The End of Bad Fabricators. Period.

Tired of missed deadlines, shoddy work, and excuses that make YOU look bad?


It's time to upgrade. Boro Park delivers what others only promise:


  • Deadlines That Mean Something - We make them sacred because busted timelines wreck YOUR reputation.

  • Craftsmanship That Speaks for Itself - It's not just "good enough". It's built to last and become your own source of pride.

  • Partnership, Not Paper Pushing - We solve problems with you because your success IS ours.

Why Choose Boro Park? Because It Was Built By Someone Who Gets It.

Joseph, our founder, was sick of subpar fabrication and holding his own work back. That frustration fuels Boro Park: a haven for those who refuse to settle for "close enough."


Sounds Too Good to Be True? Give Us a Shot.


One project is all it takes. Witness the difference in communication, attention to detail, and sheer work ethic. You'll wonder why you tolerated anyone else for so long.


The Boro Park Guarantee: Because Talk is Cheap

  • Late delivery? It's on us, not you. We speed things up to get you back on schedule.

  • Unhappy with the final product? We'll make it right, redo it, or do whatever it takes to turn you into a raving fan.

  • Your vision, zero compromises. Your satisfaction is the metric that matters.


We're NOT the 'Cheapest Bid'. We're the 'Never Worry Again' Choice.

Bargain bin fab work means hidden costs down the line: warranty claims, angry clients, and damage to YOUR reputation.


Boro Park is an investment in peace of mind.


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Custom Designs: Your Vision, Built Stronger

More than just crafting parts, we solve your design challenges. Collaborate with a team that thinks alongside you, turning sketches into robust, cost-efficient realities ready for the market.

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Quotes That Mean Business (Yours)

Forget waiting games and budget surprises.  We deliver  fast, fair quotes rooted in real-world material prices and efficient production planning. Maximize your margins, not your headaches.

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Quality That Earns Its Reputation

"Good enough" doesn't cut it – not for us, and not for our clients. Rigorous methods and quality mean final products that perform as promised. Building flawless work builds up YOUR business.



Who We Are: The Backbone of Builders Since 1986


Boro Park Manufacturing doesn't just make metal parts - we empower innovators. From telecom giants to cutting-edge medical tech, we're the unseen force making big ideas a tangible reality.

Why Us? It's in the Numbers (And the Know-How)

  • Over three decades of experience – We've weathered industry shifts and know what it takes for our clients to thrive long-term.

  • 26,000 sq ft shop packed with technology – This isn't your grandpa's sheet metal operation. We handle design, prototyping, AND efficient production runs.

  • Team with deep roots – Our people aren't just employees; they're craftspeople who pour passion into every part.

What We Deliver: It's Not Just About Metal, It's About Possibilities

Boro Park is your ally for projects, both big and small. We obsess over precision, so you don't have to. Let us unleash the potential in your products and bring your vision to life.

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Forget fancy buzzwords. Boro Park means results. Metal fabrication that makes your project shine so you shine with your customers. Problem-solvers, not order-takers. And a team that's invested in, so they invest back in you. Bottom line: we make you look good.





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The "You'd Have To Be Crazy NOT To Use Us" Guarantee

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Stop gambling with your reputation on risky fabricators.


At Boro Park, we understand what it takes to build trust – that's why we BACK our work with an ironclad commitment you won't find anywhere else.  We eliminate the doubt, we shoulder the risk, so you win every time.


The Guarantee:


The "We Plan Ahead" Delivery Commitment:


Your deadlines are non-negotiable. We carefully assess your project's scope AND potential supply chain delays, then build a realistic timeline that prioritizes meeting your deadlines. If unforeseen circumstances beyond our control cause a delay, we'll communicate proactively and work with you to adjust plans, minimizing any disruption for you.


The "Pride Over Profits" Quality Guarantee:


Our work is more than just welding and fabrication. It's about taking pride in the integrity of the final product. If you're not 100% thrilled with our fabrication – whether the problem is visible or hidden - we'll make it right without a fight: adjustments, replacements, whatever it takes.


The "You're Always Right" Satisfaction Guarantee:


Your visions shouldn't be compromised due to a difficult fabricator. We're there with you, from the first idea to the final piece. If the result does not completely blow you away, we'll keep working until you are. Hell, if necessary, we'll redo the whole damn project if that's what it takes to make you a raving fan.


The "We Keep You In the Loop"  Accountability Clause:


Transparency is paramount. If, by chance, we fail to communicate a revised due date when necessary, we'll make it up to you with one of the following (choose one):

  1. Expedited turnaround (within reason).

  2. 10% off the next project from the one we didn't deliver on.

  3. Free delivery to your Houston location within a 30-mile radius.

  4. Or a donation to a charity of your choice up to $250.


This keeps us accountable and gives you peace of mind.


Why We're Confident Enough to Offer This:


Simple: We're NOT like the rest. Boro Park was born from the frustration of dealing with fabricators who put profits and excuses over-serving their clients. We prioritize careful planning, proactive supplier relationships, and transparent communication. This guarantee is a reflection of that commitment.


Bottom Line: Choosing Boro Park protects your reputation.

You get exceptional work and open communication.  If we encounter an unforeseen delay for reasons beyond our control, you're not penalized - we find a solution together.  And even if WE drop the ball on communication, you're compensated for the inconvenience.





For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 1-281-890-3848 or fill out the following form

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Head Office

10435 Woodedge Dr.

Houston, TX 77070

For Sales Contact

Tel: 1-281-890-3848

Fax: 1-281-890-3641


To apply for a job with Boro Park, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

Get a quote: +1-281-890-3848

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